Welcome to Basstrix Lures

Basstrix Lures is located in Sothern California and is owned and operated by one of the top soft plastic design experts known today, Bruce Porter. BassTrix and it’s highly skilled staff came into the bait making business in 1996 and since then have sky rocketed ourselves into the one of the top custom soft plastic bait companies known today.

When it comes to quality fishing product there is none better than the our team at BassTrix.   All of our products and production are done in the USA and we are proud to produce them for you, our friends.  The process of making Basstrix lures is highly proprietary but I can tell you that we make our baits by hand and package them with care keeping our products superior to anything else in the market today.

Don’t ever be fooled by offshore mass produced product.  They will never compare to ours and we will continue to come out with new innovative products showing our dominance in the fishing industry.

Thank you for all of your loyal support we truly appreciate all of it and will continue to work hard for all of our loyal fans.